Commercial interior design

Bella Ciao

Architects: Aliaksei Hnatsiuk, Aleh Kaliankovich, Artsiom Armonik
Location: Minsk, Belarus
Project Area:
252,55 sq. m
Project Year: 2021

Italian restaurant Bella Ciao interior design in Minsk.

An excellent interior space with a high ceiling and panoramic windows helped create a bright and airy design. To save money during the construction, we decided to keep the original parts of the interior such as tile flooring, finishing paint, ceiling structure, and a bar counter layout.

Bella Ciao restaurant interior design is rich with decorative plaster, wooden surfaces, modern classic elements in furnishing and finishing materials, green accent color, and plants. The main hall flooring is from TRIOPOL. The bar counter tiling is from WOW provided by the FSN tiling store. The interior lighting includes pendant fixtures of various types, LED, backlighting, and an oval suspended lamp.


Bella Ciao Plan