Exterior design

Ivanaŭskija Aharodniki

Architects: Aliaksei Hnatsiuk, Aleh Kaliankovich
Location: Ivanauskija Aharodniki, Belarus
Project area: 137 sq. m
Project year: 2023

Laconis design of one-story house facades in Ivanauskije Aharodniki village, Belarus.

The main aim of this project was to completely rethink the appearance of a one-story house, relying on the already agreed layout and the completed monolithic foundation work. Two pitched roofs visually divide the house into two volumes that creates a unique silhouette. The use of various finishing materials inhance the effect. Light plaster in the entrance area is combined with the active texture of wooden planks. Dark plaster with jointing imitating fiber cement panels was used in the back side of a house.

Click seam was used as a roofing covering. This type of roofing is quite durable and easy to install, unlike the classic double standing seam technology. The design project of the facades provides for the absence of roof overhangs. It is also contributes to the formation of a minimalist appearance of the house.

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