Buzuny L

Architects: Aliaksei Hnatsiuk
Buzuny, Belarus
Project Area:
0,1264 ha.
Project Year:

Landscape design ith a pond and an architectural house design in Buzuny village, Belarus.

The architectural design of the house facades has a unique and modern look due to the combination of various finishing materials. Textured hand-molded REAL BRICK tiles contrast with the large-format EQUITONE TECTIVA fiber cement panels. The use of ITALON wood-effect porcelain tiles makes the house look more harmonious with the natural environment. Moreover, it doesn’t lose the strength and resistance of the facade to atmospheric effects.

The house is surrounded by a beautiful forest landscape with an abundance of pine trees. A pond with nymphs, framed by cereal grasses and narrow-leaved cattails became an important part of the project.

Сompositions of heathers, lingonberries and other ornamental ground cover plants supplement the forest theme. Such evergreen plants as yew, cherry laurel, rhododendrons, euonymus are mostly used in the landscape of the site. Thanks to them, the garden does not lose its structure and attractiveness all year round.

Thoughtful landscape design with a pond creates a comfortable living space where beauty and functionality are harmoniously combined. And the nature is a crucial part of this unique symbiosis.

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