Gan Bei Green City

Architects: Viktoryia Dzenis, Aliaksei Hnatsiuk, Aleh Kaliankovich
Foto: GoldenProject
Location: Green City, Minsk, Belarus
Project Area:
114,07 sq. m
Project Year: 2022

The terrace implementation of the Gan Bei Green City restaurant on 156 Pritytskogo Street in Minsk.

The interior concept of the Gan Bei Green City terrace corresponds to the general style of all restaurants in this company. The abundance of plants, the use of wood and wicker furniture dispose to a pleasant pastime for guests.

Sliding glazed windows allows you to use the terrace not only in summer, but also in the mid-season period. Infrared heaters and gas burners are used to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the terrace even during the cold season.

The terrace design of the Gan Bei Green City terrace looks laconic, fashionable and cozy at the same time.