Kinza Brest

Architects: Aliaksei Hnatsiuk, Alina Metlik, Aleh Kaliankovich
Location: Brest, Belarus
Project Area:
38,00 sq. m
Project Year: 2021

The interior design of the Kinza fast food restaurant in Brest.

The small restaurant area contains a 28-seat dining space, a cash register, and an order pickup zone. Also, there’s a space for a courier waiting spot. The bathroom entrance sits as far away as possible and is visually hidden from visitors.

A distinctive feature of the Kinza restaurant chain interior design is the massive use of large color accents, natural wood, and plywood in furnishing and decoration. Also, unique characters drawn on the interior walls are the hallmark you would find in many places of the Kinza restaurant chain.


Лога Kinza