Landscape design

Novaja Vioska L

Architects: Aliaksei Hnatsiuk, Aleh Kaliankovich, Veranika Hnatsiuk
Novaja Vioska, Belarus
Project Area:
0,079 ha.
Project Year: 2023

Landscape design of a small plot in Novaja Vioska, Belarus.

A compact and functional landscape of a summer house for permanent residence needs careful planning and design of the space. There is a carport for two cars and a utility block at the entrance to the site. It provides protection for cars and convenient place to store tools and equipment.

An open-air terrace was designed along the south-eastern facade of the house. The wooden flooring flows into an open kitchen with a barbecue and soft furniture group under a retractable awning. The atmosphere of comfort on the site is complemented by a seating area with a fireplace. This is where boxwoods are natural zoning and protection from the wind. There is also a forest garden with berry bushes in a small area behind the house.

The landscape design of the small plot is made with extensive use of evergreen coniferous trees and shrubs. The compositions are complemented by cereal herbs, flowering perennials and unpretentious ground cover plants.


Novaja Vioska L