Landscape design

Kazloŭka L

Architects: Aliaksei Hnatsiuk, Aleh Kaliankovich, Artsiom Armonik
Location: Kazloŭka, Belarus
Project Area: 0,25 ha.
Project Year: 2021

Landscape design of a plot with a wooden house in Kazloŭka, Belarus.

The new landscape design partly preserves the existing functional layout and adds a wooden NUMO house with a terrace. The site contains a sauna house, a swimming pool, a playground, an outdoor fire pit, a small orchard, and a glass greenhouse with a vegetable garden.

The landscape design includes a new system of pathways and a four-car parking space. The layout combines grid-like paving near the house with more natural smooth trails and pavements. The new design preserves most of the existing trees and flowering shrubs. Soft pathway curves and lawn outlines work well with mature flowering herbs and ornamental grasses.


Kazlouka Plan